10 Years Strong! TCRG Season 10 Opens With Fast-Paced Derby Action

Photo by Bob Ayers

The Terminal City Rollergirls’ brand new season began with much ado and hoopla on Saturday, April 16, 2016. As in seasons past, TCRG was back home at the Royal City Curling Club in New Westminster. This season marks a milestone for TCRG; being the 10th season, TCRG is reflecting on the how the league and the game has grown and changed in the past 10 years.

The season opener kicked off with the Faster Pussycats taking on the Bad Reputations. Both teams were ready for action and looking to start the season off with a win.  The Bad Reps were looking particularly strong, with a team full of veterans and a glue-like cohesion that this team hasn’t demonstrated in the past. Don’t discount the Pussycats though; this team has some dynamic talents, including two ‘Cats who also play for Terminal City’s All-Stars. The Bad Reps showed out of the gate why they’re the team to watch this season, holding the Pussycats scoreless in the first four jams. The Pussycats battled back, and slammed onto the score board on a power jam. The Reps continued to hold the lead, with solid jamming by Traumatic Acid, Real Canadian Bacon, and recent transfer Beaverly Crusher. The Pussycats battled back through, and half way through the first half, they brought the score to within one point, and even briefly had the lead, thanks to some stellar power jam jamming by Scarlet Starlet. However, the Pussycats had problems with a star pass with resulted in an illegal procedure penalty and no jammer in play, which the Bad Reps capitalized on. Followed up by a 24-point jam by Real Canadian Bacon, and the Bad Reps had a commanding lead. At the half, it was 162 – 80 for the Bad Reputations over the Faster Pussycats.
The Pussycats battled back in the second half; strong jamming by Drago and Lil’ Shiv kept the ‘Cats in the game, and impressive defensive work by Violet Death and the rest of the blocker crew kept the Bad Reps in line. However, strong and aggressive defensive play by Batoutta Hell and Vancougar kept the Pussycats from making much headway on closing the gap. Pussycats’ rookie Anna’drenaline excelled on a power jam, persevering through a long 2 minute jam to put another 15 points on the board. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough, and the Bad Reputations took home the win over the Faster Pussycats, 246 -157.
The second match-up of the night was a rematch of last season’s Mercury Shield battle royale with the Riot Girls taking on Public Frenemy. The Riot Girls were looking fresh-faced and shiny, with lots of new faces and rookie drafts over the off-season. The defending champs, Public Frenemy, retained the core of their team, but included some shiny new faces on their roster as well. Out of the gate, rookie phenom Ram Jam bust through the pack to pick up three points for the Riot Girls. The game stayed close through the first part of the first half, with the Riot Girls holding on by a slim margin. Tough defensive play by both teams kept the scoring low and the jams short. But incrementally, Public Frenemy took the lead, and then blew it wide open with a 30 point jam by Maimbow Dash. At the half, it was 111 – 60 for Public Frenemy over the Riot Girls.
The battle continued, fast and physical, with both the Riot Girls and Public Frenemy scoring points and taking hits.  Public Frenemy put points on the board with a terrific apex jump by Lil’Ruckus, a new Frenemy recruit originally from Hawai’i. Jessica Rabid put some more points on the board for PF with a 15 point power jam. Riot Girls put forth some fresh faces as jammer, including rookies Blood Raven and Laura Maim Face, both of whom put in solid jams. Both teams played solid games, with tough defensive blocking and strong jamming. In the end, when the final whistle blew, the final score was 217-135 for Public Frenemy over the Riot Girls.
Be sure to get your tickets to our next game, May 7 at Royal City Curling Club in New Westminster. The Faster Pussycats are up against Public Frenemy, while the Riot Girls will be doing battle against the Bad Reputations.

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