Season 12 Is Here

Season 12 is officially underway! And we have some big news!

We have combined our amazing house team forces into one awesome Team Terminal City. They’ll be playing their first game together on June 2nd against Team Dragon at Royal City Curling Club and will be representing TCRG again for our fourth annual Summer Slam on June 23rd and 24th. Don’t miss out on these two exciting events – get your tickets online today!

Our All-Stars team has been training hard after a well-deserved off-season (remember how they went to Sweden for playoffs last September?!). And now, they’ve started the season off with some serious butt-kicking at the Big O Tournament in Eugene, Oregon. With a 125-261 loss to Sacramento, a nail-bitingly close game versus Tuscon (166-177!), and a solid 239-170 victory over Calgary, they did Vancouver proud!

And finally, if you’ve ever considered skating with TCRG, then here’s your chance! The Mix Tapes program is in its second season, and the results are showing. We’ve got fresh new faces learning the basics of skating, and several Mixies have graduated into Team Terminal City.

So, what are you waiting for? Watch, skate or play! Come join us!

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